Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja Ujjain

Kalsarp Dosh is such a yoga which is reflected in the horoscope of a person as a result of punishment or curse for some heinous crime in his previous birth. Practically, the afflicted person is troubled financially and physically, mainly he has problems related to children. Either she does not have children, or if she does, she is very weak and sick. His livelihood can also be managed with great difficulty. Despite being born in a wealthy family, due to one reason or the other, he keeps on facing financial losses unexpectedly. Different types of diseases also keep troubling him.

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The above mentioned symptoms have been mentioned so that general readers can get enough information about the bad effects of Kalsarpa Yoga. But it is not that Kalsarpa Yoga is bad for all the natives. A final decision can be made only on the basis of which house the planets are in different lagnas and zodiac signs.

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There have been many such people with Kalsarp Yoga, who reached high positions despite facing many difficulties. Pandit Shivguru ji worships Kalsarp properly by chanting all the mantras, so that the shadow of Kalsarp Dosh will be completely removed from your life and all the problems of your life will be removed.

But faith holds a very basic place in the biggest religious worship. If you have faith then you get 100% benefit of worship. All types of defects cannot come in your life

People come to Ujjain for Kalsarp Dosh Nivaran Pooja by Pandit Shiv Guru ji throughout the year and get rid of their problems, if you are also troubled by Kalsarp Dosh and want to do Pooja in Ujjain to get rid of your bad deeds, then contact Pandit ji now. Chat and get a free consultation.

Pandit Shiv Guru ji dvaara ujjain me kaal sarp dosh nivaaran pooja hetu varsh bhar log aate hai aur apne pareshaaniyon se mukti paate hai, aap bhi agar kaal sarp dosh se pareshaan hai aur apne bigade kaam banane hetu ujjain me pooja karana chahate hai to abhi pandit ji se baat kare aur nishulk paraamarsh le.

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