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Mangal Dosh Bhaat Puja

Mangal Dosh

What is Mangal Dosh?

Even today, when the horoscope is matched for the marriage of a man or woman, it is first seen whether he is Manglik or not, according to astrology, if a person is Manglik, then he should be married to a Manglik, behind this Assumptions have been made. According to astrology, Mars has a special effect on Manglik people, if Manglik is auspicious then it makes Manglik people rich. Manglik people have some special wishes regarding their love affair with their life partner, which can be fulfilled only by a Manglik spouse, that is why Manglik people are married to a Manglik only.


What are the effects of Mangal Dosh?

Why there is trouble in the marriage of Manglik boy/girl

The marriage relations of demanding people are always affected. Due to Mangal Dosh, there is a rift between the two and a quarrel. In such a situation, the solitude-loving nature of Mars also comes in the way between the two. Mars likes loneliness, when it comes close to any other planet, Mars quarrels with it. For this reason, even the manglik doshi is not able to sit on the track with his life partner. Due to this defect, there is a difference between the Manglik girl’s partner. Mars is the god of war. The nature of Mars is to stay away from others. Mangal Doshi himself also remains troubled due to his grumpy tendency. Due to the effect of Mars, the person is grumpy, remains in fights. Mangal tries to stay away from guilty controversies, but he takes decisions after getting angry due to circumstances. Manglik people are always irritable and quarrelsome. A solution is also given regarding Manglik Dosh that he should marry only Manglik spouse. Then the track is able to move properly.


What is the prevention and remedy of Mangal Dosha?

The above mentioned symptoms have been mentioned so that general readers can get enough information about the bad effects of Manglik Yoga. But it is not that Manglik Yoga is bad for all the natives. Manglik Jatak should do Peepal marriage, Kumbh marriage, Shaligram marriage and worship of Mangal Yantra etc. Due to its effect, he will be able to have a relationship with the native of a normal planet. With this remedy, the defect of Mars can be removed.

If we talk about remedies, then many remedies will be found on the internet, like all the things mentioned above have been made logically at their level, but the effect remains on the auspicious boy or girl, we and you also know very well that the right way Pooja done from this can only get rid of Manglik Dosh, just as taking medicine of Dr. gives you relief for some time but Ayurvedic medicine cures your disease from the root, similarly Pooja is also such a situation. Whichever root cause is your Manglik Dosh or any other problem, worship is the best. To get your worship done properly, in the company of Pandit Shiv Guru Ji, you can worship your Manglik Dosh. Will remove you from life.

But faith holds a very basic place in the biggest religious worship. If you have faith then you get 100% benefit of worship. Blame what all kinds of faults can’t come in your life.

By us idol worship, Yagya, Kalsarp Dosh, Mangalbhat Puja Vastu Shanti, Nakshatra Shanti, Mahamrityunjaya Japa, Rudra Abhishek Durgapath and Tantra, Mantra, Yantra, Birth magazine, marriage rituals are all done by Vedic method.

Hamaare dvaara moorti pratishtha, yagy, kaal sarp dosh, mangalabhaat pooja vaastu shaanti, nakshatr shaanti, mahaamrtyunjay jap, rudr abhishek durgaapaath evan tantr, mantr,yantr, janm patrika, vivaah sanskaar samast kaary vaidik paddhiti se sampann karaaye jaate hai