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Mahamrityunjaya Jaap

Mahamrityunjaya Jaap

What is Mahamrityunjaya Jaap?

By chanting Mahamrityunjaya mantra, premature death is not only averted, health is also attained. Chanting this mantra while pouring water from a pot on the body while taking a bath gives health benefits. This chant is performed by Pandit Shiv Guru ji in Shri Mahakaleshwar temple according to the devotion of the person for the auspicious wishes of the person.


What are the effects of chanting Mahamrityunjaya?

By us idol worship, Yagya, Kalsarp Dosh, Mangalbhat Puja Vastu Shanti, Nakshatra Shanti, Mahamrityunjaya Japa, Rudra Abhishek Durgapath and Tantra, Mantra, Yantra, Birth magazine, marriage rituals are all done by Vedic method.

Hamaare dvaara moorti pratishtha, yagy, kaal sarp dosh, mangalabhaat pooja vaastu shaanti, nakshatr shaanti, mahaamrtyunjay jap, rudr abhishek durgaapaath evan tantr, mantr,yantr, janm patrika, vivaah sanskaar samast kaary vaidik paddhiti se sampann karaaye jaate hai