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Chandal Dosh Pooja

Kya hai Chandal Yog?

Guru gives knowledge and wisdom, while Rahu is a shadow planet which always gives bad results. It is believed that Jupiter is the teacher of the gods and Rahu is the teacher of the demons. Guru Chandal Yoga is formed when these two planets are related in any way. This yoga is formed when there is a conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu in the horoscope. Under the influence of Rahu, Jupiter also starts giving bad results. Chandal is considered lowly and it is said that even its shadow can defile the world or the Guru.

Affected person

As we have mentioned earlier also that in Chandal Yoga the person is jealous of his own Guru. Under its influence, the person gets interested in other women and he becomes characterless. Apart from this, the person indulges in theft, gambling, speculation, immoral activities, intoxication and violent activities.

When Chandal Yoga is formed in the horoscope, the person disrespects his teacher and is jealous towards him. If Rahu is in a strong position in the horoscope, then the person adopts the work of his Guru, but he does not follow the principles of the Guru, the disciples present the work of their Guru as their own, and the Guru is insulted in front of the disciples. The disciples silently watch all this. On the other hand, in the case of Rahu being weak, the native gives respect to his teacher. The effect of Jupiter becomes very weak in front of Rahu. Guru fails to stop the malefic effects of Rahu.


Effects of Guru Chandal Yoga

A person in whose horoscope such a yoga is being formed since birth, then there is a difference between the words and actions of such a person. He remains disappointed and frustrated, his nature is suicidal. If Guru and Rahu are together in the horoscope of a person, that means Guru is making Chandal Yoga, then such a person becomes cruel, cunning, cunning, poor and also with bad intentions. To declare themselves paramount, they do not hesitate even in disrespecting the teachers and elders. They use every good thing to prove themselves paramount. In such people, demerits like making conspiratorial plans, being jealous of their counterparts, co-workers, cheating with friends, keeping maliciousness also develop. These people can also be of sensual nature. Along with this, the person suffering from Guru Chandal Yoga can also be mentally deformed. The people living with them are often troubled by them.

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