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Ark/Kumbh Vivah Pooja

Ark vivaah

What is Ark Marriage?

When there is a delay in the marriage of a man due to some fault, then he is not married directly to a girl, but first he is married to the daughter of the Sun, who is considered as an Arka tree. Due to which all the problems coming in marriage go away. This marriage system is called Arka marriage.

Kumbh Vivaah

What is Kumbh Vivah?

According to Graham, when a widow is forming in the horoscope of a girl, then that girl is first married to a pitcher. This marriage is performed according to Vedic rituals and that pitcher is given the status of a husband. . After this marriage, the pot with which the girl is married is broken. In this way, to remove Manglik Dosh, the marriage done with the pot is called Kumbh Vivah.

Agar aapki kundli Mangalik hai ya phir aapke vivaah me bhi koi vaadha aa rahi hai to abhi pandit ji ko call karake unhe apni pareshani bate aur unse kundli chek kara kar kundli me sthit dosh ke nivaaran hetu mufht paraamarsh paaye.